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Robots will soon take over. Here’s the undeniable proof.

“A robot hand developed by the University of Tokyo’s Ishikawa Oku Lab is reportedly so adept at the game rock, paper, scissors that it is unbeatable against a human opponent.”

I remember when a computer beat chess champ Gary Kasparov. I told myself, maybe Kasparov had an off day, too much of a good night beforehand. Something. Anything. But to admit a machine had defeated the best humans could offer in a contest of mental acuity was unfathomable. So I dismissed what it might mean.

I believe our time of reckoning has arrived.

Now that the supreme decision making method of all time has been conquered by a machine, it won’t be long until they have a representative in congress and then…the end.

It’s been nice knowing you, fellow human.

Here’s the link to the story at Gizmag.


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