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Two great truths: You’re not special. It’s not about you.

In a recent commencement speech at Wellesley High School in Massachusetts,  English teacher David McCullough, Jr. told the graduating class that “they were not special“.

His speech went on to let the kids know that although they were not special, they were, as our founders said, endowed with inalienable rights, including the pursuit of happiness.

I remember opening Rick Warren’s book, The Purpose Driven Life and being surprised by the opening line: “It’s not about you”. 

In talking with His disciples about who would be greatest, Jesus cuts through the confusion and grounded his followers by telling them “If anyone desires to be first, he shall be last of all and servant of all”.

Self sacrifice, service to others, the pursuit of happiness. All qualities of a life well lived.


Jesus encourages His followers to have faith. I feel like I come up short. Evidently, I’m in good company.

A couple months ago I was introduced to a blog called “

The posts have always been meaningful. Today’s especially so.

Without further ado, go here to be encouraged.

A different, no, make that, a better view of heaven

“Our picture of “Heaven” is wrong because we’re looking in the wrong place. Rather than gazing up in the clouds trying to picture what heaven will be like, look down at your feet. Take your shoes off and dig your toes into the damp soil.”

A 5 minute read comparing a typical view of heaven with one that takes into account the Creator’s character.

Along with a better attitude toward what awaits Christian believers, I gained a better appreciation for my present home on earth.

Go here to see what the dung beetles know that you might not.

Do all to the glory of God

As a Christian I know I’m being transformed into the image of Christ.

I also know I’m on the slow boat compared to most Christians, but I know that God isn’t finished with me and that He’ll do a wonderful job of it, despite my efforts to thwart His progress.

With summertime picnics and reunions upon us, here are some ideas to honor God in one of the most basic rituals we practice.

Click here to read these 9 thoughtful tips.

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